Voyage Shiatsu et Do In à Bali

Découverte de Bali , détente et lâcher prise avec le Shiatsu et le Do-In
Nous vous proposons un voyage de 10 jours du 1 au 12 septembre 2018
sur l’île des Dieux.
Douceur de vivre , exotisme et bien Être.


10 days of healthy indulgence with morning or evening Do-In practice and a tailored Shiatsu programme to enhance your conscience and to broaden your caring relation with others.
This Japanese mind/body work of ki-circulation has found a contemporary home in the Zen retreat near Ubud ……..
The Shiatsu and Do-In classes are run with great professionalism and individual attention by Martine Leroy and Edmund Robinson who come with over 25 years of shiatsu teaching and treatment experience.

The Do-In classes transform western and eastern stretching techniques into meridien work and where articular reinforcing, breathing exercices, meditation and visualisation all combine to deepen our understanding of our body and mind.

The Shiatsu programme will give you the basic techniques to be able to practice and experience the special quality of Shiatsu touch which has the effect of awakening the receiver’s own self-healing process.
The immersion in the Balinese culture and ever present spirituality will find an echo in Shiatsu’s sensitive and empathic quality that you will be able to bring back into your daily lives.
The Shiatsu classes will cover work over the whole body using techniques of soft, deep and supportive pressure that transform touch into a profound therapeutic experience.

Renseignements / Edmund Robinson : 06 82 23 93 45

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